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Register Your Vehicle Right Away

Whether you've purchased a new vehicle or you've moved to a new state, you'll need to register your car as soon as possible. Luckily, Orale MVD Services LLC can help make the process smooth.

We offer vehicle registration services from our office in Santa Fe, NM. All you'll need to do is come with the proper documents and we'll get your vehicle registered for you. Gather your New Mexico vehicle registration paperwork today to get started.

Make sure you have the right documents

Make sure you have the right documents

The New Mexico vehicle registration process involves several different documents, so you make sure you review the required documents before your appointment. You'll need to bring your...

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • Dealer's invoice
  • Odometer statement
  • Proof of Insurance

Additionally, you'll need to bring one of the following documents...

  • Current auto insurance card
  • Copy of your current auto insurance policy
  • Letter from your auto insurance company verifying your coverage
  • Proof of identity with or without a social security number

If you're unsure about any of your paperwork, you can reach out to our team with questions. Call 505-819-0225 now for more information about our vehicle registration services.